Колекторска фирма Фиксед АсистентсFixed Assistants is a national agency for debt and receivable collection, founded in 2009. We offer professional services in debt collection throughout the country. Our activity is focused on banking institutions, insurance and leasing companies, trading entities, and individuals. Using our services, you will get quick and effective procedure for collecting private and corporate debt.
Our trademark is the mandatory visit and meeting with the debtor. Our experience shows that personal contact is the shortest way to reach the best solution. Our efforts are focused on extrajudicial debt collection, by the means of negotiations with the debtor, which saves time and costs for judicial procedures, and does not add additional expenditure to the debt.
Our main priority is to meet and surpass the expectations of our clients. We respect the honest and ethical practices in our branch by offering debtors various options, so that they could solve the problem of their outstanding liabilities in the best possible manner. Our collectors do not use deceptive or coercive methods to achieve the objectives.

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