Събиране на просрочени задължения и вземанияThe service is applicable where there are undisputed overdue receivables and loans evidenced by documents. We take all necessary extrajudicial action to collect the debt as soon and as efficient as possible. In all cases, we arrange a meeting with the debtor as personal negotiations have proven to be effective. The purpose of this contact is to determine the reason for non-payment, to comment on the options for debt repayment and to inform the debtor of any contingent steps the creditor could take next to collect the debt. All steps are covered by the legal framework. As a final stage, the initiation of legal action is envisaged after all other options have been used and if we have been explicitly instructed by the client to that end.

Whether the result is immediate collection, debt deferral and restructuring or legal proceedings, Fixed Assistants is committed to ensure the recovery of the amounts due to its clients.

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